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        • Sorting machine workshop
        • Injection workshop
        • Warehouse 2
        • Storehouse


        • High-tech Enterprise Certificate
        • Philippines Exhibitor Certificate
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        • Certificate 2
        • 2021 Spring Festival holiday notice

          The Spring Festival holiday time is: January 27, 2021-February 18, 2021Start time: February 19, 2021 (the eighth day of the first month of the lunar calendar)

        ABOUT US

        • Company Gate
        • Technical Marketing Complex
        • Office Building

        Guangzhou Huanan Poultry Equipment CO.,LTD is located in ZhongluoTan Town,Baiyun,GuangZhou, was founded in 1986,Our company is one of the professional enterprises that explored the production of poultry equipment in the earliest time in China.It is an advanced poultry equipment enterprise which is committing itself to  researching/designing/manufacturing/ installing/servicing. Providing our customers with high quality,mechanization, automation poultry equipment and service.After nearly 30 years of unremitting efforts and exploration,Company carries forward the  entrepreneurial spirit of "unity, pragmatic, hard, enterprising".With quality first,service formost as enterprise honor.Thanks to high quality product and service ,earn the recognition and praise from customers.With the concern of government and supporting from the society.Huanan Company devote itself to improving the enterprise management,product quality and service.The size of company is going from strength to strength.Now we have more than 1000 employees and cover the area of 150mu.Total assets of 150 million yuan.

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